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Возврат в начало



    1. Name:         Korpeyev

2. First name:     Nazar

3. Date of birth:  06.06.1944

4. Citizenship:     Turkmenistan

5. Education:

1967         M.S. (Mechanic engineer) - Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers, Latvia, Riga.

1973         Ph.D. (Heat and Mass Transfer) - Institute of Physics of Turkmenistan Academy of   

                  Sciences, Ashgabat.

1988         Doctor of Sciences (Renewable Energy, Heat and Mass Transfer) - Institute of Solar Energy

                  of  Turkmenistan Academy of Sciences, Ashgabat.

1989         Professor (Renewable Energy) - Supreme Attestation Committee of the USSR, Moscow 

1993         Member-correspondent of Turkmenistan Academy of Sciences, Ashgabat.

1995         Academician of Turkmenistan Academy of Sciences, Ashgabat.  

6. Professional career:




Activities performed


Ashgabat aviation enterprise, engineer


Preparation of airplanes for flights


Solar Energy Institute  of Academy of Sciences, Head of Solar Power System Laboratory /Department

Performance of scientific projects on power


Vice-president of Turkmenistan Academy of Sciences

Organization the scientific activity of research institutes


Rector of Turkmen Polytechnic Institute, Professor

Organization the training of students


Head of National secretariat of  Framework Program of CACILM

Administrative and scientific supervising the national experts activity on assessment of capacity of  key ministries on implementation of  UN CCD and FCCC commitments and preparation of the national strategy, etc.


Chairmen of the Aarhus Centre in Turkmenistan

Organization  the activities of Aarhus Centre


Chairman  of  Tebigy Kuwwat  NGO

Organization  the activities of Tebigy Kuwwat  on environment protection:

• The projects performance

• The information dissemination

• Participation in seminars and



National Expert of  UNDP Projects

Preparation the National plans on adaptation to climate change


 7. Key Qualification:

Climate Change,  Land and Water Management, Energy/ Renewable Energy

N. Korpeyev has 150 published articles, 8 post-graduates have got the Ph.D. under his guidance.

8. List of relevant publications:  

·      The estimated report on Renewable Energy Resources in the Central Asia. Region Report, UNEP-IFSA ICSD SIC, 105-131 р. 2007.

·       Sustainable Land Management. The analysis and estimation of development. CACILM,

     CB SLM. 85 p., Ashgabat, 2011.

·       Turkmenistan - Analytical review of the status and prospects of  water sector development. UNDP,  100 p., Ashgabat, 2014

9. Membership of Professional Associations

1993-2016   Member of the Turkmenistan Academy of Sciences.

2007-2009   The representative of the Turkmenistan in Science Committee of NATO.

2007-2010   Member of the CACILM National Coordination Council of Turkmenistan.

2007-2015   Member of the Public Council of CA ISDC.

2007-2015   Member of the Council of Public association nature protection of Turkmenistan.

2009-2015   Member of the Scientific Council of Solar Energy Institute, Scientific Advisor.

2014-2015    Member of the Council for Regional Civil Society Organisation  (ARGO)

2016-present  Member of the Public Council for CAREC

 10. Other Trainings

2008    Aarhus Convention - Training Course. TACIS, Turkmenistan (Turkmenbashi).

2012     Workshop “Technology Action Plan Training”, UNEP, KOICA, ISDC, Ashgabat.

2012     Conference “EU-EECA cooperation in the innovation sector: Bi-regional responses  

              to major societal and economic challenges”, IncoNet EECA, Kiev.

2013    WorkshopAwareness increase on Shared Environmental Information  

             System (SEIS)”, CARECAshgabat.

2013    Climate Risks Management - Training Course. UNDP, Ashgabat, 2013.

2015    Preparation of intended nationally determined contribution (INDC).

            Training Course, UNEP, Copenhagen, 2015.

2016    Environmental Protection Mechanisms for reaching sustainable development of the industry     

            sector. Training Course, EU SDP, Turkmenabad, 2016.

11. Participation in projects (2009 - 2016)



Name of the Project




The Presidential Program  2017-2021.   

Section 6. Rational use of the Nature Resources  and Nature Protection of climate change



National   Expert



Turkmenistan. The National economic program of adaptation and mitigation of climate change, 2016-2020



National  Consultant




Development Project Proposal of full-scale UNDP-GEF project " Supporting climate resilient livelihoods in agricultural communities in drought-prone areas of Turkmenistan"



National Expert


Turkmenistan:  Preparation of intended nationally determined  contribution (INDC) to the 2015 Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (INDC, UNFCCC)


National Consultant


Turkmenistan: Preparation of the Third  National Communication under UN FCCC





Analytical review of the status and prospects of development of water sector of Turkmenistan


National Consultant


Language and Pedagogical Innovations in School




Climate Risk Management in Turkmenistan.

To carry out Stakeholder Analysis and Capacity Assessment at National level



National Expert


Climate Risk Management in Turkmenistan - Assessment  of climate risks at the level of rural communities



Group Leader


Turkmenistan. Reduction of the risks connected with change of a climate





Capacity building for the improvement of natural pastures in Turkmenistan. Multicountry Project of CACILM





Feasibility analysis  of Silicon Production from Karakum sand (with use the Solar Furnace)

IDB, Solar

 Energy Inst.



Capacity Building in Development of Policy Framework for Promotion of Low Carbon Emission Societies in Central Asia




Development the Strategy Environment Protection of Turkmenistan till 2020. Renewable Energy







Turkmenistan: Preparation of the Second National Communication under UN FCCC




  2009      Working out a mechanism of coordination and interaction              IOM            Group

                 among key ministries, departments, research institutes                                   Leader

                 and other organisations in resolving emergency situations


     ME&D*   - Ministry of Economy & Development of Turkmenistan

 12. Contacts:

       Address: 15, Bitarap Turkmenistan, National Institute of Deserts, room 42

       744000, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

       tel/fax:  (+993 12) 941714,  m. (+993 65) 853166,  e-mail:  nazarkorpeyev@mail.ru




 Dr. Yolbars A.  Kepbanov

 4, Andalib Street, Suite 15

Ashgabat, 744005, Turkmenistan

Telephone: +993 12 940838; + 993 12 941714; 555874


State and administrative law of Turkmenistan

Petroleum law of Turkmenistan

Environmental law of Turkmenistan

Public international law and diplomacy of Turkmenistan

Commercial law of  Turkmenistan


2012- at present Chief of Department Scientific Information Center of the Aral Found

2012- at present Legal Adviser of Aarhus Center in Turkmenistan 

2007-2008      General Counsel; Petroleum Agency of Turkmenistan (the State Agency for Management and Use of Hydrocarbon Resources at the President of Turkmenistan)

2004-2007      Private legal practitioner and scholar; Ashgabat Business School faculty member 

2001-2004General Counsel; Union of Lease Operators and  Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan

2000 – 2001    Director; Institute of Democracy and Human Rights of Turkmenistan

1996-2001      Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of  Turkmenistan

1995-2001      State Advisor of Turkmenistan on Law and Policy of the Caspian Sea

1991-2001      Member of the Constitution Council of Turkmenistan

1994-1996      Head, Department of International Law, Turkmenistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1977-1994      Head, Department of the Institute of Philosophy and Law, the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan

Acted as local adviser to international programs in Turkmenistan, including the following:


2015           EU Project Support to the introduction of sustainable development policies - rational use of national resources in the energy-environmental sectors in Turkmenistan”

2015           EU Project “Forest and Biodiversity Governance Including Environmental

                   Monitoring”  (MONECA)

2014-2015 EU Project “Forest and Biodiversity Governance Including Environmental



2014           UNEP and Ministry of Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan Project

                  “Turkmenistan: Preparation of the Third National Communication under UN

                   Framework Convention on Climate Change”

2013           EU-FAO Project GCP/RER/040/EC “Review of existing legal framework in the 12

                   countries of the Former Soviet Union for the management and elimination of

                   Obsolete and POPs pesticides waste and soil contamination within the framework of

                   a Disposal Study for Obsolete Pesticides in the Former Soviet Union”

2013-2015 Adoption Found/ UNDP/ Ministry of Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan "Responding to the risks associated with climate     change on farming

                   systems in Turkmenistan at national and local levels."

2011-2013  UNDP;  Ministry of Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan; Global Ecological

                    Found  “Strengthening efficiently government system special protected  areas”

2011            UNDP/ Ministry of Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan; “National Strategy

                    on Environment Protection for 2011-2020”

2010-2012     Capacity building for the improvement of natural pastures in Turkmenistan.

                    Multicountry Project of CACILM. UNDP, 2011.

2010    INOGATE “Strengthening native measures in oil and gas areas”

2010    UNDP/UNOPS/Ministry of Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan; “Supporting Country Action on Programme of Work on Protected Areas”

2009    UNEP; “Analysis of ozone layer legislation and protection measures”

2009    GTZ (German Cooperation for Development); “Sustainable management of forest Resources in Turkmenistan”;

2008   EU TACIS; “Strengthening Public Participation and Civil Society Support to Implementation of the Aarhus convention”

2008    European Commission; “Strengthening NGO potential  in the field of justice”


·         Sustainable Land Management. Situational Analysis and Development Prospects. CACILM, CB SLM. 67 p. Ashgabat, 2012. (co-author).

·         Legal regulation of ground relations in Turkmenistan. CACILM, CB SLM. 102 p. Ashgabat, 2012. (co-author).

  • Features of legal regulation of forests of Turkmenistan. Minsk, 2012.
  • Environmental Performance Reviews. Turkmenistan. First Review. UN. New York and Geneva, 246 p., 2012. (co-author).
  • Organizational – legal questions of management of pasturable grounds of Turkmenistan.

       Magazine of the Problem of development of deserts, 2012, №1-2.


Authored the following texts in the capacity of a local independent expert under the official international programs in Turkmenistan: The sole author of the next text of the Law of Turkmenistan:

·         On “Hydrocarbon Resources” (2008);

·         “On Ozone Layer Preservation” (2009);

  •  “The Forest code” (2011);
  • “On especially protected natural аreas” (2012);
  • “About flora” (2012);
  • “About fauna (2013);
  • “About nature protection” (2014);
  • “About ecological expertise” (2014);
  • “About subsoil” (2014)
  • “About waste” (2015);
  • Draft of the Water Code (2013) and the Law on pastures (2015).



1995       Institute of International Relations (3 months training), The Netherlands 

1993       Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (3 months training), Malaysia

 1991-1994    International Law Degree; Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of  the Russian Federations, Moscow, Russia

 1978-1981     Ph. D. (C. Sci.), Law; Institute of State and Law, USSR Academy of Sciences

 1972-1977      J.D. (B. Sc.), Law;  Turkmen State University, Turkmenistan.


Возврат в начало



Акопова Виктория является Советником по связям с общественностью Орхусского Центра в Туркменистане – проекта, финансируемого Офисом ОБСЕ в Ашхабаде и выполняемого на базе НПО «Тебиги Кувват».

На своем текущем посту Акопова В.Г. отвечает за содействие повышению осведомленности гражданского общества по экологическим вопросам и правам, создание базы данных по окружающей среде, включая национальное законодательство, а также на развитие, улучшение и тесное сотрудничество с внешними и внутренними партнерами, с соответствующими государственными и бизнес структурами.

 Г-жа Акопова В.Г. выпускница Туркменского политехнического института по специальности инженер-химик-технолог. Всю свою трудовую деятельность посвятила улучшению существующей национальной системы по окружающей среде и природным ресурсам и более 25 лет проработала в сфере государственного управления в данной области.

Будучи более 10 лет национальным координатором по вопросам Орхусской Конвенции в Туркменистане последние годы вплотную занимается вопросами продвижения ее положений в стране, в т.ч. путем информирования широкой общественности.

Г-жа Акопова В.Г. постоянно вовлекается в работу по реализации международных проектов, финансируемых: ПРООН, ЮНЕП, ГЭФ, ВБ, ЕБРР, ТАСИС и др. по различным международным, региональным и национальным проектам в качестве эксперта и специалиста по вопросам изменения климата, загрязнения и мониторинга природной среды, создание национальной информационной системы и многим другим.

Г-жа Акопова принимала участие в подготовке различных документов, в т.ч.:

v  «Национальный план действий по охране окружающей среды» 2002

v  Национальная Программа «Стратегия социально-экономических преобразований в Туркменистане на период до 2020 года»

v  1-м, 2-м и 3-м Национальных сообщениях по РКИК ООН, 1998, 2008 и 2015 годы соответственно и др.

Возврат в начало


Возврат в начало


1. Name:


2. First name:


3. Date of birth:     


4. Citizenship:


5. Education:


Turkmen State University im.A.M.Gorkogo. The physicist, a physics teacher.


Candidate of Physics and Mathematics. sciences (solid state electronics).

6. Experience:


Engineer and researcher at the Institute of Physics and Technology of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat.


Head of the Laboratory of Physical-Technical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat.


Head of the Laboratory of Physical-Technical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat.


Teacher of Computer Science of the Turkmen National Institute of World Languages im.Azadi (part-time)


Deputy. director of public associations (NGO) "Tebigy Kuwwat" (ongoing)


Leading engineer Research Project Institute "Turkmensuvylymtaslama" of the Ministry of Water Resources of Turkmenistan, to the present time (concurrently)

7.  Additional information:


Work in the use of software and hardware tools, geographic information systems (GIS) ArcGIS and technologies, specialized water treatment systems of information including map data, monitor the status of water bodies. Collection, processing and use of water information obtained from satellites. Computer programs waterworks and water conservancy facilities design: "Lear", "Monomakh", "AutoCad" system of global positioning GPS. Using the software for the calculation of the estimated cost of works in design and construction of water facilities, "estimate" and software for release estimates "REC" (Resource and calculate the index). Finance, automated accounting and reporting "1C" accounting, "Finance without problems", electronic document management, local area networks.

8. Key Qualifications:

Microelectronics, thin film technology, the study of methods of improving hydromeliorative state land, the study of air pollution, climate change, water facilities.


Aliyev has 35 publications, 5 copyright certificates


9. Participation in projects: (2011-2016)



Project Name




Reducing the risks associated with climate change




Climate Risk Management in Turkmenistan to assess climate risks to local communities and participate in the mapping of the project  Nohur, Bokurdak and Sakarchaga




Aarhus Centre in the Turkmenistan




Development of the quality assurance system in Turkmenistan on the basis of the Bologna standards.Turkmenistan-Germany-Portugal-Poland

Tempus SMGR



Innovation in teaching foreign languages. Turkmenistan-Scotland

UK Tempus



Development of a full-scale UNDP-GEF project "Promoting the growth of agricultural production and other economic activities in local communities, taking into account current and projected impacts of climate change in Turkmenistan".



10. Contact information:

Address: 15, Bitarap Turkmenistan, National Institute of Deserts, room 42, 744000, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Phone / fax: (+993 12) 941714,  mob: (+993 65) 557864, (+993 65) 812374,  e-mail: taliev@list.ru







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